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We are both a directory and host to courses specific to jobs of the future and the emerging economy.

We offer education to future-proof the workforce in the new economy, with emphasis on AI, Renewable Energy, Virtual Reality, Modern Farming, 3D printing, Soft Skills, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Programming, Entrepreneurship, Personal Development and more.

In the near future, automation, AI and emerging tech will see the demise of over 5 million Australian jobs.

We source expert educators who are specialists in their field, bringing years of experience to the Future Blackboard platform.

Once a hosted course is complete, students are presented with a certificate and badge, with results and credentials stored securely via Accredible blockchain technology. Thanks to Accredible and Tierion, these credentials sit on the blockchain alongside some of the world's most innovative companies, including Dell and Xero

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Your future success depends on your ability to skill-up, adapt and learn. Critical thinking, people skills, creativity & Interdisciplinary Knowledge will be equally valuable alongside Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Check out our entire course collection to see what tickles your fancy.

Our Courses

Our courses are targeted specifically to what experts are calling the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ or 'The Emerging Economy'. Courses are selected based on the upcoming need outlined in expert research, data and predictions – and you don't need to love technology to prepare.

Our Students

Our entire course range is designed with all academic levels in mind, from beginner to expert, so many of our courses don’t require prerequisites. Our world-class educators and partner institutions have the experience to transform the way you’ll engage with the future, no matter what your skill level.

What our students say

  • I am still learning but the resources from the Future Backboard have made sure that I always know where to go to skill up.
  • I have recently finished the Future Blackboard course with Amy-Rose and really enjoyed working through the course. I have learned so much and will be eternally grateful to Amy-Rose. The process is steady and covers all the scary things that I was not sure about, and Amy-Rose is easily accessible when the need arises. It is good to know that I can go back at any time to read again anything that I feel I need to. It is there for ever for me. I would recommend this course for anyone, it is great value for money.
  • Amy-Rose does her blockchain homework. A student of crypto Amy-Rose knows well the value of 'plain speak'. Her clear dissemination of information is gold for those of us negotiating the way through the dynamics of a changing financial system.
  • I love that this site exists! I can’t wait to see all the new courses particularly those on Artificial Intelligence.
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