What you're in for

  • Reading Candle stick patterns

  • Identifying Support and resistance

  • Trend lines

  • Basic patterns/formations

  • Fibonacci retracements and extentions

  • Safe Entrys and exits

  • Buying break outs

  • Risk minimisation

  • Trading Psychology

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  • Week 1

    • Reading candle stick patterns
    • Trend lines
    • Identifying support and resistance
    • Double bottoms and double tops
    • Basic patterns and formations
  • Week 2

    • Supply and demand zones
    • Institutional order blocks
    • The magic of Fibonacci
    • Elliott waves
    • 3 day line chart swing trade strategy
  • Week 3

    • Trading the emotional market cycle
    • Oscillating indicators MACD, Stochastics, RSI
    • Ichimoku Cloud
    • Moving averages
    • Pivots and swing trade strategy
  • Week Four

    • Basic Bitmex strategy
    • The easiest way to get more Bitcoin in a bull market
    • Wyckoff Theory
    • Identifying trading ranges
    • Accumulation, distribution, and re-accumulation
  • Week 5

    • Our entry and exit triggers
    • Building a strategy and defining your set ups
    • Trading psychology
    • Risk minimisation
    • Our secret weapon indicator for buy and sell triggers
  • Week 6

    • Advanced margin trading on Bitmex
    • Shorting alts coins playing the trend
    • Hedging strategy and futures trading
    • Key set ups and execution
  • Instructor(s)

    Kyle Stagoll has travelled the world as an international model, between NY, Milan, and HK, after building up a high net worth client base, it became natural for him to form Stag Enterprises, a Private Equity venture capital firm, of which sources funds, through high net worth individuals, for start-up entrepreneurs & business. Having a strong interest in fitness and health, at 25 he started his first business while finishing his degree in Finance and Economics, bringing a successful US company to Australia, he quickly became a global leader in sales & marketing, he found himself networking with doctors, manufacturers, and other successful business leaders, through this the creation of Stag Enterprises was founded. Kyle is the co-founder of Sash Group which is an Australian restaurant franchise specialising in Japanese Fusion cuisine, Sash has quickly expanded in its first 12 months from Melbourne to Sydney, and now beinging it's international journey to Vietnam and Europe in 2019. Kyle is now heading up the crypto currency space at Melbourne strategic advisory firm Elysium Capital Partners, which specialises in raising capital, taking company's public on the Australian Stock Exchange and strategic advice for business exploring cryptocurrency and technology sector of today's rapidly moving global economy.

    Kyle Stagoll