Key Takeaways

  • Tools & Support

    Confidently buy crypto assets on an exchange and transfer to your hardware wallet like a Trezor or Ledger Nano.

  • Asset Management

    Confidently transfer cryptocurrencies with our careful guided process to ensure you are supported while learning.

  • Security Protocols

    Securing your own funds and being your own bank is the core innovation of cryptocurrencies. Learn how to diminish risk and take ownership of your assets with best practice for hot and cold wallets.

Learn and Launch

Learn how to securely manage and store your crypto assets. After buying cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin the crucial next step is to transfer them off the exchange and onto an encrypted offline hardware wallet. When your assets are on an exchange they are not under your control. Gain confidence and skills in managing funds.

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  • Seven video tutorials suitable for beginners and the non-tech savvy.

  • A pdf stufy guide with all material so students can follow the educator.

  • Five quizzes to test your progress after each section.

  • Additional tools and links available on completion.

  • Certificate of completion and attainment.

  • Additional bonus walk through video's to further assist students.

Course Curriculum

  • 01
    Risk Waiver, Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions
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    • Terms of Use
    • Disclaimer
  • 02
    Before we begin
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    • Before we begin....
    • Your Wallet Study Guide
  • 03
    Welcome to the course!
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    • Getting to know you
  • 04
    Part One
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    • Part One: Wallets 1
  • 05
    Part Two
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    • Part Two - Explaining the cryptocurrency wallet
    • Test your learning
  • 06
    Part Three
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    • Part Three - Types of wallets
    • Test your learning
  • 07
    Part Four
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    • Part Four - Cold Wallets
    • Test Your Learning
  • 08
    Part Five
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    • Part Five - Safety and hackers
    • Test Your Learning
  • 09
    Part Six
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    • Part Six - Defeating the hackers
    • Test Your Learning
  • 10
    Part Seven
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    • Part Seven - Sending Bitcoin to a Trezor
  • 11
    Part Eight
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    • More resources for you
    • Before you go...
  • Josh Lehman

    Josh is the Director & Co-Founder at Digital Surge an Australian Bitcoin Exchange designed specifically for beginners. Digital Surge is Brisbane’s first digital exchange, specialising in bitcoin trading. The team comprises experts in the fields of finance, security, operations, IT, digital and support, and our mission is to make it easy for every Australian to understand, trade and securely pay with bitcoin.

    Josh Lehman