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Four courses to take you from beginner to expert with over 50 hours of on-demand video, certificate on completion, an expert educator with over 24 years in cyber security PLUS a 200 page ebook.

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It's never been more important than it is today to master YOUR PRIVACY, Anonymity, Cyber Security and hacking, which you can do through our excellent highly rated courses. Learn from over 50 hours of on demand video lectures, articles and other resources that transform you into a cyber security expert.

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The Ultimate Four Course Bundle for just $65

  • Volume 1: Hackers Exposed

    Learn how to stop hackers, prevent tracking, advanced anonymous browsing and counter government surveillance

  • Volume 2 : Network Security

    Network Security, WiFi Security, WiFi Hackers, Firewalls, Wireshark. Plus the Best Password Managers

  • Volume 3 : Anonymous Browsing

    With experts predicting many jobs will be obsolete within the next decade due to the technology revolution, drones — and the demand for drone pilots — emerged as a key growth industry.

  • Volume 4 : End Point Protection

    Antivirus & Malware, Disk Encryption, Finding & Removing Hackers & Malware, Application & Execution Control

The Cyber Security and Anonymity course is offered by our partner StationX Cyber Security. You will be forwarded to the StationX application page.

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There is no need to spend years going through hundreds of different courses and still being average when it comes to practical knowledge of cyber security. 


Imagine you know everything important in the domain of cyber security...


You can tackle all types of online threats, including advanced hackers, trackers, exploit kits, mass surveillance and much more...




This is the most comprehensive online cyber security course out there in the market.


It is a set of 4 different courses that will take you from beginner to expert, through easy to follow on-demand video lectures, articles, and other resources.


In the course, you will learn how hackers hack, how trackers track, and what you can do to stop them. You will understand the global tracking and hacking infrastructures that exist and how to mitigate them.


By the end of the course, you will master network security, firewalls, encryption, and how to stay anonymous online, password and email security, authentication, anti-virus, and end-point-protection.


You will become a hacker hunter and will be able to seek and destroy malware.

And you will be able to work with all major platforms including Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android and even firmware security.


This course is for you if you are looking to start a career in cyber security, if you want to take you career to the next level, or even if you are simply interested in protecting your online presence.



Modules and Topics

  • At the end of this course you'll have an advanced practical skill-set in defeating all online threats including - advanced hackers, trackers, exploit kits, mass surveillance and much more.

  • You will go from beginner to expert in easy to follow structured steps.

  • We cover all the major platforms including - Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android and even firmware security.

  • The goal of this course is to teach you from beginner to advanced security, privacy and anonymity. So you will then be able to make informed choices to protect yourself and others online from skilled hackers, crackers, advanced malware, viruses, scammers, and other online threats.

  • You will be able to prevent advanced tracking methods determined to erode your privacy and anonymity.

  • You will understand the global tracking and hacking infrastructures that exist. You will master network security, encryption, how to stay anonymous online , learn how passwords are cracked and about authentication and email security.

  • You will be able to seek and destroy malware and hackers, be able to bypass firewalls, proxies and forensics techniques.

  • After this course you will know more than 80% of security professionals, government and law enforcement agents and even expert hackers about how to maintain real security, privacy and anonymity.

  • Plus much much more super ninja level security and privacy secrets.

Your Four Courses Explained

  • Hackers Exposed

    This course covers the fundamental building blocks of your required skill-set and will help you develop an understanding of the threat and vulnerability landscape through threat modelling and risk assessments.

    The course explores the Darknet and mind-set of the cyber criminal, covering malware, exploit kits, phishing, zero day vulnerabilities and much more.

    You will learn about the global tracking and hacking infrastructures that nation states run. You will get an insight into the NSA, FBI, CIA, GCHQ, China’s MSS and other intelligence agencies capabilities.

    You will understand the foundations of operating system security and privacy functionality. Plus you will take a close look at the new Windows 10 privacy issues and how to best mitigate them.

    The course also includes a complete and easy to follow crash course on encryption, how encryption can be bypassed and what you can do to mitigate the risks.

    In addition, you will learn about defences against phishing, SMShing, vishing, identity theft, scams, cons an other social engineering threats.

    Finally the course covers the extremely important, but underused security control of isolation and compartmentalization. Covering sandboxes, application isolation, virtual machines, Whonix and Qubes OS.

    If you want to start your journey to becoming a cyber security expert, this course is a perfect starting point.

  • Network Security

    This course will help you discover security vulnerabilities across an entire network, by using network hacking techniques and vulnerability scanning .

    You will further be able to architect your network for maximum security and prevent local and remote attacks.

    The course also covers the use of custom router firmware to provide you with better network security services.

    You will understand the various types of firewalls that are available, including layer 4 firewalls like Iptables on Linux and PF on MacOS and BSD, virtual firewalls, host-based firewalls and application based firewalls like Pfsence.

    The course covers firewalls on all platforms, including Windows, Mac OS and Linux for all types of use scenarios.

    It further explores in detail wireless security, the configurations that are required for maximum security and why, how Wi-Fi is hacked and how to mitigate those attacks - covering everything from encryption weaknesses to evil twins, RF isolation, and Wi-Fi crackers.

    You will also learn about network monitoring to discover and identify potential hackers, malware and other adversaries that might be lurking on your network using tools like Wireshark, Tcpdump and Syslog.

    The course then moves away from network security and onto the details of how we are tracked online by corporations, nation-states your ISP and others.

    You will understand the techniques used like zombie super cookies, browser fingerprinting and how browser profiling works so third parties can establish who you are online.

    The course also looks at search engine privacy - and how to mitigate the tracking and privacy issues of search engines and their associated services.

    Browser security - It covers one of the largest risks online, the browser. The doorway into your system. How to best reduce the attack surface of the browser and harden it for maximum security and privacy. A critical consideration for reducing your risk.

    Finally, you will fully understand how to best use methods of authentication including passwords and multi-factor authentication - soft tokens and hard tokens, the best password managers to use and why, how passwords are cracked, and how to mitigate the cracking.

  • Anonymous Browsing

    This course covers in detail all the best anonymising and privacy methods including:

    • Tor
    • VPNs - Virtual Private Networks
    • Proxy servers - HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKs and Web
    • SSH Secure Shell
    • Live Operating Systems - Tails, Knoppix, Puppy Linux, Jondo live, Tiny Core Linux
    • OPSEC - Operation Security
    • I2P - The Invisible Internet Project
    • JonDoNym
    • Off-site connections - Hotspots and Cafes
    • Mobile, Cell Phones & Cellular Networks
    • Bulletproof hosting
    • and more....

    For each of these anonymizing methods the course analyzes in detail their strengths and weaknesses, the techniques used to attack these anonymity services and what you can do to mitigate those de-anonymization attacks.

    Advanced anonymity: The course also explores chaining and nesting anonymizing services together to provide layers of obfuscation for maximum anonymity against even the most well-resourced adversaries.

    It covers bypassing censors, firewalls, and proxies . You will learn how to bypass the trickiest of censoring devices including DPI (deep packet inspection).

    The course covers both the theory and practically how to setup everything we discuss.

  • End Point Protection

    This course has been designed to help you learn a practical skill-set on securing laptops, desktops and mobile devices from all types of threats, including, advanced hackers, trackers, exploit kits, thieves and much more.

    In this course we cover end-point-protection, which is an extremely important and hot topic in cyber security right now!

    It also covers all the major platforms: Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS and Android.

    This course will help you master the selection and implementation of solid disk encryption technology to protect devices from disk decryption attacks.

    You will also understand the current and the next generation anti-virus solutions, how they work, how to select the best products and how to implement them successfully.

    The course also covers traditional end-point-protection technologies through to next generation and future technology; application control, execution prevention, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.

    You will also learn how to detect and monitor for threats such as malware and hackers through the use of security through deception and detection technologies.

    You will have fun learning how to seek and destroy system resident malware and hackers. Get up to speed on your hacker hunting!

    Learn how to perform operating system hardening to decrease the attack surfaces of your devices to make them safer.

    It explores the best techniques in anti-forensics to securely delete data and meta-data so that it is unrecoverable by even computer forensics experts.

    Plus there is more. The course ends by looking at the extremely important topic of email and messenger security.

    Email has natively poor security, but in this course, you will learn how to overcome those weaknesses and fully secure your communication.

  • StationX Cyber Security

    Nathan House

    I have over 24 years experience in cyber security where I have advised some of largest companies in the world, assuring security on multi-million and multi-billion pound projects. I am the CEO of Station X a cyber security consultancy. More recently I acted as the lead security consultant on a number of the UKs mobile banking and payment solutions helping secure to date over £71Bn in transactions.

    My clients have included; BP, ExxonMobil, Shell, Vodafone, VISA, T-mobile, GSK, COOP Banking Group, Royal Bank of Scotland, Natwest, Yorkshire bank, BG Group, BT, London 2012.

    Over the years I have spoken at a number of security conferences, developed free security tools, and discovered serious security vulnerabilities in leading applications.

    Qualifications and education

    • BSc. (Hons) Computing 'Networks & Communication' 1st Class Honor.
    • SCF : SABSA Chartered Architect Foundation
    • CISSP : Certified Information Systems Security Professional
    • CISA : Certified Information Systems Auditor
    • CISM : Certified Information Security Manager
    • ISO 27001 Certified ISMS Lead Auditor
    • CEH : Certified Ethical Hacker
    • OSCP : Offensive Security Certified Professional

    Nathan House


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It's never been more important than it is today to master cyber security and hacking, which you can do through our excellent highly rated courses. Learn from over 50 hours of on demand video lectures, articles and other resources that transform you into a cyber security expert.

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