MicroMasters® Program in Internet of Things (IoT)

Delivered by Curtin University (CurtinX) and edX. Curtin is ranked in the top 200 in the world for Electrical and Electronic Engineering, has a 5-star QS rating, and is ranked ERA 5 (the highest possible rating for Excellence in Research in Australia).

  • Expert Instruction

    6 graduate-level courses delivered by Curtin University.

  • University Pathway

    Successful completion of the IoT MicroMasters program provides an entry pathway and credits toward Curtin University Masters Programs.

  • 1 Year

    164 - 234 hours of effort over six courses.

6 Courses

  • Introduction to the Internet of Things (IoT):

    Gain an understanding of what the IoT is and the requirements to design your own IoT solutions. Start developing IoT ideas in your industry.

  • IoT Sensors and Devices:

    Explore various IoT devices and sensor types, how they work, and how we connect them. Map out the process for developing your own IoT ideas.

  • IoT Networks and Protocols:

    Learn about IoT networks and the protocols and standards associated with the Internet and how these apply to the IoT.

  • IoT Programming and Big Data:

    Learn how to apply software solutions for different systems and Big Data needs to your IoT designs.

  • Cybersecurity and Privacy in the IoT:

    Learn about the security and privacy implications of the IoT and how to design a secure system.

  • IoT Capstone Project:

    Engage fully in the process of designing an IoT solution, from initial analysis of the creative idea to planning out the product, research and design, and identifying a route to market.

The MicroMasters® Program in Internet of Things (IoT) is offered by our partners at edX and is delivered by Curtin University (CurtinX). You will be forwarded to the edX course page for more information.

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The explosion of embedded and connected smart devices, systems and technologies in our lives has created an opportunity to connect every ‘thing’ to the internet. The resultant data collection and connectivity has created efficiencies and solutions previously dreamt up only in science fiction stories.


This is disrupting and transforming every industry around the world.


This MicroMasters program will put you at the front of a digital revolution, where you can design problem-solving systems or guide cutting-edge IoT projects in your industry and area of expertise. 

Professionals from any field who want to leverage their existing business and/or technical knowledge across IoT-related functions in their workplace will learn exactly what IoT is, how it works, and how to harness its power to improve and streamline your business.


The program will show you the scope of the IoT, and reveal underlying principles and architecture of its networks, devices, programming, data, and security. You will learn how an idea can become a viable, workable IoT product and be able to generate your own IoT ideas and design and/or support their development. 


Verified learners will be able to participate in regular live discussions with course lecturers, and remotely access real laboratory equipment for practical sessions. In addition, verified learners will be given access to Cisco Network Academy resources.  

Job Outlook

  • Industry Disruption

    IoT will affect most industries and business sectors - around 30% of tasks and up to 60% of occupations could be automated, and almost every occupation has the potential for partial automation (Source: McKinsey Global Institute).

  • A Career In Demand

    IoT is leading to the creation of new jobs, where people who understand and can leverage the IoT to create solutions will be greatly in demand.

  • Competitive

    To remain competitive and successful in the digital economy, professionals should have an understanding of what the IoT is and how it can be used to create business solutions.

What you will learn

  • Generate IoT concepts and design IoT solutions within your area of expertise.

  • Map out the process for an IoT solution, and identify the sensors and other devices required.

  • Evaluate different infrastructure components and network systems, and design the basic network for your IoT ideas.

  • Apply software solutions for different systems and Big Data to your concept designs, and appreciate how data is managed in the network.

  • Identify and analyse IoT security and privacy risks, and concept design secure hardware and software.

  • Going forward

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Delivered and certified by Curtin University and edX

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