Key Takeaways

  • Financial Literacy

    Simplify and master all those scary buzzwords like fiat money, inflation, fractional reserve banking, the gold standard, commodities, and fungibility.

  • The Reality Of Money

    Discover how money and our exchange of value is a continually evolving system, influenced by powerful actors who are often motivated by self-interest.

  • Profound Realisation

    Money is far more interesting than I thought. I know how money has worked over time, its limitations, and how technology improved each system.

From Shiny Beads, Gold and Paper

To Bitcoin

Money is fictional. We made it up and it’s a broken system. The stories we tell each other about money are based on the false idea that it has a limited supply. That we need to work all our lives and exchange time for money. But we also know that banks are able to create value out of thin air. How can both be true? It’s time to learn the history of money and our current financial system so you can navigate with confidence.


  • Nine video tutorials suitable for beginners and the non-tech savvy.

  • A pdf stufy guide with all material so students can follow the educator.

  • Seven quizzes to test your progress after each section.

  • Additional tools and links available on completion.

  • Certificate of completion and attainment.

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Risk Waiver, Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions
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    • Terms of Use
  • 02
    Before we begin
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    • Before we begin....
    • Your History of Money Study Guide
  • 03
    Welcome to the course!
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    • Introduction
    • Before we begin...
  • 04
    Part One - What is Money?
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    • What is Money?
    • Test your learning
  • 05
    Part Two - Commodities and Technology
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    • Part Two - Commodity Money
    • Test your learning
    • Part Two B - How Technology Changed
    • Test your learning
  • 06
    Part Three - Precious Metals as Money
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    • Part Three - Precious Metals as Money
    • Test your learning
  • 07
    Part Four - The Gold Standard and The Banking System
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    • Part Four - The Gold Standard
    • Test Your Learning
    • Part Four C - How the Banks Work
    • Test Your Learning
  • 08
    Part Five - What is Fiat?
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    • Part Five - What is Fiat
    • Test Your Learning
    • Part Five B - Problems with Fiat
  • 09
    Part Six
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    • More resources for you
    • Before you go...
  • Skye Dunworth

    Skye is one of Australia’s female experts in crypto, and is facilitating the female uptake of cryptocurrencies and digital finance as an emerging asset class with her beautifully simple wallet and digital currency platform, Spendher Invest available on the app store. Her background is in engineering (BA Computer Science UNSW) and business management consulting at Deloitte, working within their technology practise on large scale finance transformations and strategy for Australia’s largest banking and investment firms including Macquarie Bank, Westpac and ANZ. Skye has founded and developed her platform Spendher Invest specifically to help a broader range of people increase their financial knowledge and create wealth through digital currencies.

    Skye Dunworth


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