The RePL online course is bought to you by our partners at Ace Aviation. Ace Aviation is the official school of Aviation for the top registered training organisation in Australia, giving our students access to tertiary level resources, facilities and certifications.

Remote Pilot Careers

  • Employment

    The Remote Pilot’s Licence opens up a world of opportunities and fully prepares you to become a compliant and effective drone operator. This lifetime qualification has been approved by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and makes you eligible to be employed as a drone pilot.

  • Qualifications

    With the RePL you will be qualified to operate drones with a take off weight greater than 2kg commercially, Request approvals for non-standard operations from CASA and Operate in areas that non-licenced pilots cannot.

  • Security

    With experts predicting many jobs will be obsolete within the next decade due to the technology revolution, drones — and the demand for drone pilots — emerged as a key growth industry.

The Remote Pilot's Licence - (RePL) is offered by our partner Ace Aviation. You will be forwarded to the Ace Aviation application page.

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Modules and Topics

  • Aviation knowledge and navigation

  • Flight rules and air law

  • Meteorology

  • RPA systems and components

  • Principles of flight and aerodynamics

  • Human Factors

  • Aeronautical Radio Operator Certification (AROC)

  • Operations and Procedures

RePL in three parts:

  • Theory

    Self directed study whereby you can go at your own pace. Upon enrolment, students will receive access to the Ace Aviation student portal where they will be able to work through several theoretical modules and assessments items at their own pace. These online modules are compulsory and will provide students with a complete understanding of RPAS operations, procedures, terminology and applications.

  • Practical Training

    5 hours of mentored practical flying – Drones Provided by Ace. Upon completion of all modules and assessment items, students must attend 2 days of face-to-face practical assessment. During these two days, students will be mentored by Ace Aviation’s industry leading trainers on how to effectively/safely control and manoeuvre their UAV. During this time, students will be able to work with trainers through any difficulties they may be having in controlling/maneuvering their drone.

  • Field tests & Theoretical exams

    The practical assessment component of this course is not considered difficult as it is required by law to ensure that future pilots can operate their drone safely. With our trainers by your side throughout the entire course, you will be well prepared in all aspects of commercial drone operations.

Course Outcomes

  • Upon completion of this course, you will be fully prepared to safely operate drones commercially.

  • Remote Pilot’s Licence (RePL Online – Sub 7kg) Aeronautical Radio Operator’s Certificate (AROC) Australian English Language Proficiency (AELP)

Bonus - Unique Perks

  • Access to StudyLoans

  • Up to 33% off the latest drones and accessories at our partnered company AA Drones

  • 1-year free Oz Runways Subscription

  • 3 Months Free DroneWork Membership

  • Access to drone rentals with Ace Aviation

  • 30 minute manned flight experience (Brisbane campus only)

  • Free Refresher Course

How Big is the Industry?

The usage of drones in business operations has broadened in different industries in the last few years due to their ability to drive efficiency and data analytics. VCs have invested a total of $1.5 billion since 2012 in drone commercial startups that are shaping the industry.

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How Big is the Industry?
  • Instructor

    Ace Aviation is the official school of Aviation for the top registered training organisation in Australia, giving their students access to tertiary level resources, facilities and certifications. With access to industry leading campuses and the latest technologies, Ace Aviation is currently operating across Australia, Singapore and South Korea. They are the largest drone training Academy in the Nation. Ace Aviation has also trained a myriad of governmental bodies, universities and emergency services in the application and usage of drone technology. Ace trainers have been voted as the industry’s best in 2018 and have come from aviation backgrounds that include commercial pilots and aerospace engineers. Their trainers have been operating drones for years and have successfully trained over 2500 students who now operate as photographers, surveyors, risk assessors, agriculture professionals, scientific researchers, university lectures and more! Most importantly, their courses are not just limited to covering the required syllabus set by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), their courses go much further into the technology and opportunities within the drone industry.

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