In 2018, we identified a significant need for a single collaborative educational platform. Future Blackboard came to life, and today encompasses education ranging from emerging occupation training, technology and innovation, through to cryptocurrency, blockchain and entrepreneurship.
From the chaos of the dotcom boom, to the emergence of the giants of e-commerce, a new era of information, currency and innovation is upon us. We’re more connected than ever, technological changes are constant, and the future of individuals, business and information looks very different. Future Blackboard offers comprehensive strategy and education to enable you to understand and harness the new connected future.


We are the world’s first collaborative educational platform of its kind. As new technologies emerge, so too do our offerings, including AI, programming, business development and entrepreneurship. Our instructors offer years of expertise and experience to deliver current, crucial, real-world content to future-proof the workforce of tomorrow.

What we can help you with




Why Us ?

The Future Blackboard platform offers education for beginners, intermediate, advanced, startups, entrepreneurs and children. Our educators are specialists in their field, and they offer a friendly, approachable point of contact throughout each course. Once a student completes a course they are issued with a certificate and badge, with results stored stored securely via blockchain technology.

Why Us ?

How Are We Different?

Our educators are diverse, and they challenge students to think with both critical and rational mindsets. Our vision is to continually integrate advanced modules to further enhance the skills and knowledge of our students. Our online courses are designed to suit students from beginner to advanced, and those without experience in new or emerging technologies are especially welcome. In essence – we consider, we create, and we coach for the future
How Are We Different?

We mainly focus on

  • Structure

    Our courses are designed to deliver innovative topics ‘today’, not ‘someday.’

  • Skills in a day

    Our aim is to deliver content milestones progressively within a course, and usually within a day’s learning.

  • Collaboration

    We source experts on the topics you want to learn, and we search until we’ve got the best people for the job.